A new era in location enablement has arrived, with smarter technology integration capabilities strengthening the potential ROI of traditional business intelligent systems. But how can this benefit your organisation?

As companies and governments become increasingly connected, one fact is more than clear – location is inherent in almost all organisational data.

  • People have residences

  • Assets have proximities

  • Employees have worksites

  • Deliveries have origins and destinations

This element of location in data holds great value as it provides the real-world insights required to make more informed decisions.

Because of this, the need to have advanced and frictionless geographic capabilities within your business systems and applications has never been more important. And once introduced, the results of location-based analytics speak for themselves.

For example, Denmark’s Dong Energy developed a location-enabled real-time dashboard and integrated work order management business process that cut their offshore wind turbine visits in half and saved €20M annually.

Domestically, Brisbane City Council integrated their disparate technology systems into one real-time location-enabled enterprise-wide platform for their works management and real estate operations. Since doing so, the council has reduced average maintenance job times from one day to two hours.

Not just limited to energy and government, however, the benefits of spatially-enabled business processes can be realised by every industry – from financial services to retail and transportation – and assist with numerous tasks, such as risk management, logistics and routing, environmental health and safety, plant maintenance and more.

A recent global technology partner agreement signed by Esri and SAP is helping more organisations take advantage of location-enabled system integration.

The future goal of the partnership is to not only support the development of native spatial data types and operators in SAP HANA, but also allow the professional GIS community to leverage SAP HANA as a fully certified Esri geodatabase.

I’ll be writing more about this Esri/SAP technology partner agreement in the coming months – highlighting other user success stories and discussing the cost savings and efficiency gains that can be obtained via this integration.

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