Working with quality data – both from within your own organisation and external sources – will give greater currency and more conclusive results from your geospatial analytics.

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Popular GIS data packages

Choose from a selection of our most frequently requested data sets.

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Free data sources

As an ArcGIS user, you can access a wide range of free data to add context and enhance your analysis.

Answer your need for quality GIS data

Access the right GIS data to fulfill your specific project or business requirements.

Address data

Current, complete records of all residential, commercial and government addresses in Australia and New Zealand.


Save time with ready-to-go basemap - complete with instant access to authoritative datasets.

Boundaries & cadastre data

Delve into detailed information about Australia and New Zealand's cadastral and property boundaries.

Human movement data

From revealing migration patterns to studying economic trends, gain insight on people over time with Australian human movement data.

Imagery data

Get 'real world' visualisation into your maps and apps with our satellite and aerial imagery data.

Landscape data

Ensure your maps and apps get the bigger picture with compelling 3D data on Australia's urban environment.

Points of interest data

Detailed points of interest datasets featuring 150 categories and more than 1.4 million locations.

Traffic data

Government and commercial insights on historic traffic patterns to real-time route updates.

Weather data

Current, historical or forecast updates and real-time insights into weather patterns in Australia.

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