Esri has a long-standing commitment to open standards and interoperability, and actively contributes to international standards development processes, with a history of open-sourcing its format specifications.
Open GIS Standards

Geospatial technology

ArcGIS supports reading and writing standard and data file types using industry and international standard data formats, and through OGC web services.

Open GIS Standards

Security and privacy

Esri complies with international GIS standards as well as industry best practices for IT security and privacy.

Open GIS Standards


Esri's goal is to design and implement accessible GIS and give people access regardless of their abilities.

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Standards Development Organisations

Esri maintains membership in, provides active geospatial expertise to, and participates in community engagement with a number of international standards development organisations (SDOs).

ISO/TC 211

International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee 211


Open Geospatial Consortium


World Wide Web Consortium


International Hydrographic Organization

Supported open geospatial standards

ArcGIS is the leading system in its support for OGC and ISO standards. Search for all OGC standards supported by Esri products and different versions of our software.

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OGC standards

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