Specialised GIS services for your organisation

Leverage the expertise of Esri Australia's Managed Services to handle the daily operations of your specialised GIS solution, allowing your in-house GIS department to focus on strategic programs and core business competencies. Our Managed Services solution provides highly disciplined operational support, monitoring and optimization using an ITIL based approach, for GIS infrastructure and services, whether they are on-premise, in the cloud or a combination of both.

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How can managed services benefit you?

The support of Esri Australia's expert managed services helps you prevent issues through a proactive, predictive and preventative approach.

Cost efficiency and transparency

Plan with a predictable monthly subscription via OpEx budget, or upfront payment option.

Scalable services

Utilise scalable administration capacity without the overheads of training and upskilling.

Manage risk

Protect business-critical services through best-practice management from an expert team.

Ensure availability and service quality

Maximise efficiency with minimal downtime and service interruptions.


Leverage the expertise of specialists trained in new releases and latest technologies.

Drive value from your GIS investment

Managed service packages can be scoped to fulfil a range of requirements, from proactive solution management through to problem resolution.

Subscription-based managed services are effective for organisations that need:

tickGIS/IT team members focused on core business outcomes

tickOn-demand expertise for maintenance, updates and repairs

tickCost-effective solutions and guaranteed service levels

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Managed service offerings

Managed GIS administrator

This service administers back-end system performance while your staff focus on business facing activities. Your "Virtual" GIS administrator is skilled in managing server environments, web services, databases scripting and more.

Managed application support

Optimise the performance of your GIS environment and solutions including Esri COTS software, customised applications and software developed and configured by Esri Australia's specialists, all working within mature support ITIL frameworks.

To find out how managed services can benefit your organisation, contact us today or call 1800 870 750.

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