Professional services

Expert-led engagement and support

GIS professional services provide business value with advice and expertise on the latest technology to transform your location analytics capabilities.

How can professional services help you?

Leverage specialised technical knowledge and implement best-practice systems to manage your organisation’s location intelligence deployment and development.


Tapping into extensive location analytics knowledge and experience across multiple business sectors.


Applying ongoing support and testing to realise consistent returns on your investment.


Providing customised advice to push your location analytics technology to its full potential.


Explaining the potential and scope of spatial intelligence technology through the latest industry insights.

A tailored location analytics program

Maximise the value of your GIS technology with outcome-focused advice based on leading industry, product and business expertise.

  • Map-based platform
    Delivering web solutions to provide geographic information to large stakeholder groups.
  • Mobile solutions
    Enabling field force capabilities in your workforce for data collection, editing and analysis at the source.
  • Purpose-built tools
    Implementing custom-developed functionality for your requirements to extend core ArcGIS products.

How professional services deliver results

Quality assurance

Providing an energy solutions business independent quality assurance on the approach, design and configuration of their spatial upgrade solution. This aims to ensure best-practice implementation to reduce risk and technical complexity.

Application support

Delivering a power and water supplier an end-to-end onsite spatial platform Application Support model. This will lead to improved spatial efficiencies across the business and provided strategic guidance for future projects.

A major benefit has been consolidating all our datasets into one application.

Behind the scenes of St Barbara’s innovative Cloud GIS approach

Behind the scenes of St Barbara’s innovative Cloud GIS approach

Software as a Service (SaaS) is fast becoming a preferred approach for mining firms looking to optimise operations across the enterprise, without needing to invest in additional resources. 

Big spatial data keeping maritime safety afloat

Big spatial data keeping maritime safety afloat

Recent advances in Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and Cloud computing allow organisations to take advantage of the big spatial datasets with relative ease. See how quickly it can analyse millions of shipping data records.

Big spatial data and Cloud computing

Big spatial data and Cloud computing

Recent advances in Cloud technology and distributed computing with GIS server software can significantly reduce the time needed to process big spatial data. See how the technology handles millions of geocoded address database records.

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