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The ability to leverage location data can change the way organisations operate, improving decision-making and strengthening competitive advantage. Find out how GIS technology is crucial to your own business transformation.

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How location technology improves results

Organisations across diverse sectors are realising significant business improvements by applying the insights collected from multiple sources – including real-time sensors and smart devices – to their core business objectives. Here are some examples.



Optimise logistics processes and supply chain information



Supercharge analytics, streamline planning

Water, energy utilities


Use live data feeds to manage assets, predict events



Rely on national, state and local data-driven accuracy

Location technology in action - how businesses are unlocking hidden value in data

Data visualisation

Save money and manage impacts on business processes and the supply chain by visualising an overlay of relevant data feeds such as weather, demographics and mobile asset location.

Real-time awareness

See answers to mission-critical questions during events and outages, know where your assets are and gain real-time views of network outages and maintenance status.

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