Manage your accounts with My Esri

My Esri allows you to conveniently manage all your Esri software downloads and authorisations from a single location.

Log in using your Esri Account for updates, news, technical announcements and answers to common questions.

Access My Esri


How do I sign into My Esri?

You can sign into My Esri using your Esri Account. If you don’t have an account you will be prompted to create one.

If you don’t have permission to view your organisation, please speak to your primary maintenance contact for Esri software. If you are the primary contact and don't have access, please contact Esri Australia with your customer number and username.

Can I access My Esri from a smart device?

Yes, the site is responsive on smartphone and tablet.

I have just purchased Esri software – what’s next?

My Esri contains the software downloads and authorisation numbers necessary for you to install and activate your product.

You can download your product by navigating to the ‘my organisations’ tab and clicking ‘downloads’. You will then see the list of software downloads you are eligible to install, along with installation guides for your reference.

Once you have downloaded and installed your product, you will need an authorisation number or provisioning file to activate it. These pages are located within the ‘licensing’ section of the ‘my organisations’ tab. 

How do I invite other users to connect to my organisation?

If you are the primary maintenance contact and wish to invite users to access your organisation within My Esri, you will need to contact Esri Australia. We will then invite the user via email. Alternately, if you provide their Esri Account username we can add them instantly.

The email message will contain a link and connection instructions. Once the user clicks the link, they will be connected to your organisation.

Each user may have a combination of the following roles: ability to view licences, ability to take licensing actions, ability to download software.

Who can I contact for My Esri support?

For additional information not answered on this page, or if you are experiencing difficulties accessing or navigating My Esri, please call our Client Service Centre on 1800 447 111.