Capital works, asset management and damage prevention tools

SmarterWX is a suite of integrated tools - Collaborate, Automate and Locate - that work with existing GIS systems to help you manage your capital works projects and prevent damage to assets.

SmarterWX Automate

SmarterWX Automate delivers a GIS-centric approach to asset management and damage prevention.

Fully managed in the SmarterWX Cloud, SmarterWX Automate assumes full responsibility for generating responses to DBYD enquiries with zero dependency on internal infrastructures – freeing up internal assets and avoiding the need for 24x7, dedicated enquiry-processing resources.

Updating asset information via scheduled data synchronisation, or through a manual data upload to the SmarterWX Cloud, SmarterWX Automate unlocks the value of dig data, making it a valuable, searchable enterprise asset.

Responses to DBYD enquiries can be generated in multiple formats — web maps, shape files or PDFs — making information easier to understand and helping to prevent damage to assets.

SmarterWX Locate

SmarterWX Locate delivers a GIS-centric approach to risk management and safe working near underground assets by collating Dial Before You Dig responses and presenting information through a map-based interface.

It helps reduce the time spent managing DBYD enquiries and avoids the risk of missing any content. Its presentation of underground asset information on an interactive web map improves understanding of the risks faced by excavators.

Integrating with existing business workflows, SmarterWX Locate ensures that the right information is made available to the right people at the right time and place.

SmarterWX Collaborate

SmarterWX Collaborate is a solution for sharing capital works plans between different utilities and local governments to find opportunities to improve the scheduling of those works, reduce the disruption to the community and share the costs between the parties involved.

The SmarterWX story

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