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The Esri Young Scholar Award program recognises the exemplary work in geospatial science of graduate and undergraduate students and celebrates their excellence, innovation, and creativity in the application of GIS technology to solve real-world challenges. 

Each year, one lucky Australian student will get an opportunity to gain valuable industry experience, exposure to the geospatial sector, and a global platform to showcase their work.

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The first-place winner will receive a prize package including: 

  • A paid internship with Esri Australia.
  • An award and a certificate recognising their achievement.  
  • An ArcGIS for Personal Use licence (12-month licence).
  • Having their work featured on the global stage at the 2024 Esri User Conference Map Gallery.
  • An opportunity to network with international Young Scholar Award recipients.


Esri Young Scholars

Where are previous EYSA winners now?

Zin Hong profile image
Zih-Hong Lin
Esri Young Scholar Award Winner 2023
Researcher, University of New South Wales
PhD Candidate and aspiring GIS professional.
Esri Young Scholar Award Winner 2022
Jamie Simpson
Esri Young Scholar Award Winner 2021
Conducting research for the University of Sydney
Cynthia Parayiwa
Cynthia Parayiwa
Esri Young Scholar Award Winner 2020
Conducting research for the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare.
A PhD candidate who has been spatially and statistically analysing the experiences of women pregnant during natural disasters in Queensland.
Sherbaz Hashmi profile photo
Sherbaz Hashmi
Esri Young Scholar Award winner 2019
Streamlining the process for reporting public issues across Australia.
Streamlining the process of reporting public issue across Australia.
Alan Pearse
Alan Pearse
Esri Young Scholar Award winner 2017
Continuing to develop software packages and studying his PhD in statistics.

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