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How business consulting services deliver results

Strategic Advice

Provided the Department of Natural Resources and Mines a plan to implement and manage Queensland government's spatial data solutions. This new framework aimed to increase workforce effectiveness and improve technology investment returns.

Operational improvement

Developed a strategy for Location SA to focus and improve their spatial capabilities and data management across state government agencies. This provided a plan to leverage and optimise the South Australian Government's GIS investment.

Business integration

Advised a state government reconstruction authority on integrating spatial capability into core business programs during a period of organisational change. This increased efficiency of the authority's construction activities investment.

Project management

Implemented a best-practice process for South 32 to meet long-term business goals. The Enterprise Advantage Program helped implement a geospatial data strategy and build foundations to decrease risk and deliver tangible benefits.

Our consultant finds tailored GIS solutions that fulfil our business objectives.

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