Connecting you with the world's leading location-based analytics technology provider

Through Esri Australia’s relationship with Esri, our clients are intrinsically connected with the pioneer and global leader in location-based analytics and Geographic Information System (GIS) technology.

Esri architected the assembly and analysis of geographic information – the science behind modern-day GIS – to inform landmark projects and develop leading-edge products.

Now servicing some 400,000 clients in 150 different countries, Esri has a pervasive global presence – and is held in the same esteem as the likes of IBM, Microsoft, SAP and Amazon.

An enduring partnership with Esri Australia ensures Esri’s iconic ArcGIS platform is effectively represented and locally supported.

The value and benefits of location-based analytics technology are widely accepted throughout Australia’s governmentcommercial and community sectors.

Esri Australia is proud to be the exclusive local distributor of Esri’s world-leading GIS software and a key member of the world’s largest group of ArcGIS specialists outside of the United States – the Boustead Geospatial Group.

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