Intelligent water management begins with GIS and goes far beyond locating pipes and facilities. Use it to manage an asset registry, analyse system performance, optimise work, and collaborate between teams in the office and the field.

As accredited Esri Utility Network Management Specialists, our team are globally recognised for our industry-leading knowledge and expertise in the utilities sector.

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Call 1800 870 750 or email a specialist to find out more about GIS in water utilities.

One platform for water

The Esri ArcGIS platform provides water utilities with a single-point-of-truth for all geospatial information.

The platform enables staff to use and share spatial data – generating information and insights capable of radically transforming workflows and maximising efficiencies.

From generation to distribution, the Esri platform provides instant mapping, reporting and analytics capabilities for all teams, functions and disciplines.

Users from the field to the office can access a range of relevant, ready-to-use map data layers such as scalable network modelling, outages, disaster vulnerability, real-time field updates, maintenance scheduling  and more – all on a central platform at any time through any device.

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