Get to know the team at Esri Australia

Esri Australia's team comprises more than 250 of the country's brightest GIS professionals from a range of disciplines including business analytics, cartography, environmental science, software development and surveying. Armed with a premium product and dedicated to making a difference through advanced location-based analytics, each member of our team is committed to expanding their knowledge of what’s possible with the ArcGIS platform.

For us, working with GIS technology is more than just a profession – it's a passion.

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  • Leadership (Executive)

    Esri Australia’s leadership team brings together a diverse group of professionals who, outside of their own fields of expertise, share an unwavering enthusiasm for the capabilities of GIS technology and a commitment to the local user community.

    They are united in their mission to raise awareness and appreciation of the value of GIS into new markets across the country.

    • Managing Director: Brett Bundock
    • Chief Client Officer: Kate Ramsay
    • Chief Delivery Officer: Peter Swensson
    • Chief Sales Officer: Ravi Nath
  • Professional Services

    Esri Australia’s Professional Services team is renowned for their diverse range of technical skills and shared passion for the science of GIS.

    They are united by their commitment to delivering real outcomes and have an unwavering work ethic.

    Not only are they outcome driven, they are problem solvers who use an analytical approach to finding solutions to complex challenges.

    Our Professional Services team is committed to making a difference – in the corporate world and wider community.

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  • Business Development

    The skilled professionals in our Business Development team work hand-in-hand with clients to identify GIS solutions capable of achieving their business goals.

    Not only are they well-versed in the capabilities of the ArcGIS platform and the exceptional benefits the technology can deliver, they are in tune with our clients’ needs and dedicated to developing solutions to help them reach their true potential.

    Interested in becoming a member of Esri Australia’s high performing Sales team?

  • Industry Solutions

    The great minds at work in our Industry Solutions teams have the ability to truly understand a client’s business – the challenges they face and the opportunities at their disposal – and how GIS technology can be tailored to their specific requirements to produce exceptional results.

    With a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities of the ArcGIS platform, the Industry Solutions team map out the solutions required to help our client’s meet their biggest challenges and reach their full potential.

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  • The engine room (Marketing, Finance, Operations, Innovation)

    As with any organisation, the administrative and operational teams at Esri Australia keep the wheels in motion and forward momentum going.

    By providing unwavering support for our frontline, customer-focussed teams, the marketing, finance, operations and innovation teams reinforce the organisation’s ability to perform at a high level year-on-year.

    Interested in taking your place in Esri Australia’s engine room?

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