Australia is moving to GDA2020Are you moving with us?

GDA2020 service packages

GDA2020, Australia’s new official datum, will align the country’s national coordinates with global satellite positioning systems, enabling smart devices and other positioning technology to accurately locate mapped features.

Failing to update location data to GDA2020 risks exposing discrepancies of up to 1.8 metres relative to GDA94-mapped features. That’s why you need a strategy and workplan built on a thorough analysis of your requirements.

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The Esri Australia GDA2020 consultation advantage

We work with Geoscience Australia and Esri Inc to ensure inbuilt GDA2020 support across the ArcGIS product suite.

Esri Australia participates in the ICSM GDA Modernisation Implementation Working Group.

We collaborate with the ICSM GDA2020 technical team to communicate optimal solutions.

Our consultants remain up-to-date with GDA2020 data compliance.

Your GDA2020 migration strategy – book a consultation

Want advice on getting started with GDA2020? Our consultants can help with a free one-hour phone consultation* to discuss how we can help you generate your organisation’s GDA2020 strategy.

State February March
ACT 14 February - book now 20 March - book now
NSW 22 February - book now 18 March - book now
NT 27 February - book now 27 March - book now
QLD 27 February - book now 20 March - book now
SA 20 February - book now 20 March - book now
VIC & TAS 20 February - book now 20 March - book now
WA 27 February - book now 22 March - book now

Prior to your one-hour phone consultation, an Esri Australia representative will be in touch to confirm a few administrative details. *One-hour phone consultation will determine your current GDA2020 position, identify any major challenges and discuss the GDA2020 service package options available.

Esri Australia provides support and advice for migrating to GDA2020. For more information, call 1800 870 750 or email us.
When metres matter most – moving to GDA2020

When metres matter most – moving to GDA2020

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Plan your move to GDA2020
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Plan your move to GDA2020

Migrating your data to GDA2020 requires a lot of careful planning and consideration. Here are a few things to keep in mind.