An innovative online portal is providing venture capitalists with insights into South Australia’s prime commodity investment opportunities.

Developed by Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) the AgInsight South Australia integrates information from a range of sources to provide users with a detailed understanding of SA’s 52 million hectares of agricultural land. It provides details on subjects such as past and potential yields, soil characteristics, infrastructure, climate patterns and land values.

With a wealth of relevant data available in one easy location, potential investors can slash the amount of research they were previously required to undertake from months to a matter of minutes – making it significantly easier to identify successful investment prospects. As such, it’s become a crucial tool for government trade envoys and is giving South Australia an advantage in seeking international investment opportunities in the agribusiness sector.

The portal has been well received by the community and industry alike, already receiving two technology awards: the 2016 South Australian Premier’s Award for public sector digital innovation and the 2016 Australian Government ICT Award in the geospatial category.

You can try the map out for yourself online – or read more on the full background behind AgInsight South Australia here

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