Stuart Lester is regarded as one of the UK’s leading digital transformationists, change makers and geographers. In a recent visit to Australia, Lester inspired Australian infrastructure leaders by sharing key learnings on digital management of major events.

During his keynote presentation at the Infrastructure Association of Queensland’s (IAQ) 2022 Assembly, Lester shared his front-line perspective on the applications of innovative thinking and digital transformation across the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

His keynote wrapped up a whirlwind east coast tour during which Lester met with Australian government and business leaders to speak about the opportunity that data brings to major events in Australia, including the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games.

Lester discussed how major events can be managed comprehensively and efficiently through collaboration, maximising data use during pre-planning and operations, streamlining workflows and monitoring via real-time dashboards.

Weighing in on the conversation around real-time monitoring, dashboards and data, Lester highlighted that common technologies and data assets are the key to mobilisation and streamlining decision-making.

Lester also joined the 2022 IAQ Assembly Technology and Innovation Revolution panel, speaking on the acceleration of cutting-edge technology driving economic growth and productivity. The panel discussed topics including user-centric design, data as infrastructure, innovation as an imperative, digital twins, the built environment and digital connectivity.

Watch the highlights of Lester’s keynote speech.

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Stuart Lester
Stuart Lester
Data Innovation Lead
Transport for West Midlands , UK
A digital transformationist, change manager, and geographer at the leading edge of TfWM's groundbreaking operations.

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