Stuart Lester

Data Innovation Lead
Transport for West Midlands , UK

Digital transformationist, change manager, and geographer Stuart Lester, is at the leading edge of Transport for West Midland’s (TfWM) groundbreaking operation – which harnesses real-time location intelligence to manage the county’s complex transport network.

In his present role as Data Innovation Lead, Stuart draws on more than two decades of experience working with the science of GIS (Geographic Information System), to inform smart application of the technology. Among his many achievements is the use of aggregated live data feeds – from 20 separate regional and national partners – to enable cooperative management of the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games. An effort which has gained TfWM global acclaim.

His pioneering vision for data technology – to create a modern, efficient, and reliable transport system to drive the region’s economic growth – underpins TfWM’s Local Transport Plan.

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