Your guidebook to location analytics

Utility information, transportation layers…we need to understand the infrastructure of a country to manage disaster response. How do I set up my supply chain network? Because I'm going to have to move water and supplies in, and I need to know where to do that. Without being able to have a map – not only of the terrain, but where the people are – I can’t begin to start that planning process.

– Linda Peters, Directions with Stan Grant, Episode 2

When overwhelmed by data, leaders often can't see the forest for the trees.

Location analytics is an approach that uses advanced technology to consume and model data – and essentially help leaders to see the full picture and answer questions  about what will happen next. Most importantly, it offers insight that helps leaders make the right decisions.

This Location Analytics e-book gives you a 16-page crash course into how you can incorporate location intelligence into your programs – whether you’re a local government working on an economic growth strategy or a business optimising retail site selection.

Location analytics ebook

Listen to Directions with Stan Grant to hear Linda describe how data can inform effective policies that tackle some of humanity's greatest challenges.

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