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ArcGIS Network Analyst for Server

This extension gives your GIS server advanced network data analysis capabilities via web services.

With this extension, you can:

  • Deploy powerful network analysis tools for desktop, mobile, and web applications without requiring the end user to install additional GIS software; and
  • Provide sophisticated network modelling capabilities to more people, including analysts, professional staff, and decision makers, regardless of their GIS knowledge or skills. 

Why use ArcGIS Network Analyst for Server?

The Network extension enhances the value of advanced tools and models created with the ArcGIS Network Analyst for Desktop by putting them to work in repeatable enterprise applications, improving productivity and increasing data analysis capacity for your organisation. 

With ArcGIS Network Analyst for Server you can deliver web services for:

  • Multipoint optimised routing for saving time and fuel on deliveries, inspections, and service appointments ;
  • Time-sensitive, turn-by-turn driving directions for improving customer satisfaction through accurate and prompt deliveries or scheduling of multiple service responses;
  • Allocation of service areas for establishing jurisdictional responsibility or potential coverage across a street network based on road conditions and other characteristics such as speed limits or time of day; and
  • Determining the fastest fixed route to the closest facility or providing multiple location response scenarios for dispatching the closest resource or getting to the closest facility based on travel distance or time.

Licence requirements

The Network extension for ArcGIS for Server requires ArcGIS for Server Standard or Advanced edition.


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