• Map Use
    Reading, Analysis, Interpretation, seventh edition
    Map Use: Reading, Analysis, Interpretation, seventh edition, is a comprehensive, foundational textbook designed for the college curriculum. Now updated with a new section on map interpretation, Map Use provides students with the knowledge and skills to read and understand maps, and offers professional cartographers a thorough reference resource. Nearly 600 full-colour maps, photographs, and graphs illustrate the concepts behind communicating with maps, while an extensive glossary and resource DVD for instructors (lecture slides, lab exercises, and answer keys) further support use of the text in the classroom. The book renders basic cartographic principles accessible to all, from students of cartography and map design to those without a formal education in geography. Accommodating new developments in GPS and geographic information system technology (GIS), this newest edition could serve as an introductory GIS text as well.
  • Introduction to Geometrical and Physical Geodesy
    Foundations of Geomatics
    Unique in its approach, Introduction to Geometrical and Physical Geodesy: Foundations of Geomatics presents an introduction to geodesy influenced by GIS, remote sensing, and land surveying. Designed to provide an overview of the discipline, this book is divided into three sections that address basic concepts and tools, geometrical geodesy, and physical geodesy, culminating in the reader?s applied knowledge of the subject.
  • ArcGIS for Personal Use licence with media
    ArcGIS for Personal Use licence with media
  • Archaeology and Landscape in the Mongolian Altai
    Archaeology and Landscape in the Mongolian Altai is an atlas that examines the distribution of ancient surface archaeological discoveries within the mountainous region of northwestern Mongolia. For thousands of years, this region was inhabited by hunters and pastoral nomads who erected great stone altars, burial mounds, and standing stones in the valleys through which they moved. They left behind huge concentrations of rock art in the high valleys?figures that effectively recount their lives.
  • Cartographica Extraordinaire
    The Historical Map Transformed
    Handsomely illustrated, this large-format, hardcover atlas brings together a collection of extraordinary historical maps, some of which have been uniquely enhanced with modern GIS technology, from the private collection of David Rumsey. The maps selected for Cartographica Extraordinaire: The Historical Map Transformed tell distinct stories along two main themes which explore how continental wilderness become a civilisation and how the development of cartographic science changed the ways we perceive, describe, study, and use that land. Featured maps not only describe the vivid history of North and South America from the early exploration of the New World to Lewis and Clark?s opening of the American West, but also bridge the gap between historical cartography and the technologically advanced applications of GIS.
  • Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop
    Second Edition, Updated for ArcGIS 9.3
    Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop, Second Edition, Updated for ArcGIS 9.3 contains introductory concepts followed by scripted software exercises that reinforce an understanding of the conceptual material presented. This format encourages readers to acquire functional GIS skills in a variety of areas. Offering the most comprehensive overview of ArcGIS® 9.3 available on the market today, Getting to Know ArcGIS is valuable as both a classroom text and as a manual for individuals learning ArcGIS®.
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