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ArcGIS Data Interoperability for Server

Eliminate data-sharing barriers with state-of-the-art direct data access, transformation, and export capabilities. 

The ArcGIS for Server Data Interoperability extension supports direct read of more than 100 data formats, including GML, XML, Autodesk, DWG/DXF, MapInfo MID/MIF and TAB, Oracle and Oracle Spatial, and Intergraph GeoMedia Warehouse. This extension allows you to combine multiple data sources and distribute spatial extract, transform, and load (ETL) capabilities in applications.

With this extension, you can:

  • Publish map documents as web services that contain any of the data formats supported by the Data Interoperability extension; and
  • Publish and run geoprocessing models as web services that contain Quick Import, Quick Export, and custom Spatial ETL tools.

To find out more about authoring data translation or transformation models, view the product information for ArcGIS Data Interoperability for Desktop.

Get a complete list of supported spatial data formats.

Why use ArcGIS Data Interoperability for Server?

Data Interoperability improves productivity by allowing you to build a truly integrated system or deliver complete models via your network or the Web, regardless of data sources (GIS, CAD, BIM/3D, and database) or format. 

Benefits of this extension include:

  • Direct access to all standard data formats without converting between formats;
  • Ability to share data with anyone by exporting to any of the supported formats; and
  • Capability to create custom data formats and transformations that support complex models.

Licence requirements

The ArcGIS for Server Data Interoperability extension requires ArcGIS for Server Standard or Advanced edition and is available for Windows only.


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