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ArcGIS 3D Analyst Key Features

ArcGIS 3D Analyst provides an extensive set of features to create, visualise, edit, analyse, and share 3D GIS data. It enables you to:

  • Create 3D scenarios using your existing data;
  • Visualise your 2D GIS data inside a 3D view to enhance understanding of spatial relationships between objects within an environment;
  • Manage geospatial data in 3D by editing features and adding 3D components to 2D data using new, robust geoprocessing tools;
  • Analyse geospatial data in three dimensions to address problems that simply can't be solved in 2D; and
  • Share 3D views, animations, and analysis to drive decision making.


Working with 3D GIS Using ArcGIS

Esri Australia intermediate course focusing on 3D GIS with ArcGIS.