8 lessons from BP’s digital transformation

Over four years Brian Boulmay, BP’s former Global Integration Director, led the implementation of their enterprise solution. Branded OneMap, the system supports a single geospatial platform that provides the company’s 70,000 staff worldwide with instant access to data and insights.

In this 14-page e-book Boulmay shares key lessons on how to roll out an enterprise-wide digital transformation – for any organisation, big or small.

“By going to an enterprise platform, sharing information within geographies and across divisions, start-up time for new analytics projects can be greatly reduced. More data is available on a platform that’s faster to access and use, therefore, people can find better insight and drive better decisions.”

– Brian Boulmay

8 lessons e-book cover

Hear Brian Boulmay describe his proven approach to digital transformation on Directions with Stan Grant.

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