“It's no longer acceptable [for leadership] to say, ‘I am not a technology person’,” according to Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Australia’s head of IT, Andrew Clowes.

Speaking to CIO Magazine, Clowes opened up about his long-standing passion for location intelligence, and discussed why it’s now essential that real estate agents use data analysis platforms to determine the best locations for commercial properties.

Referencing Australian event infrastructure provider Moreton Hire as an example, Clowes explained how JLL Australia helped the business relocate one of its industrial facilities using advanced location-based analytics – collecting data on traffic, the location of staff and clients, and vehicle operational costs, to analyse the drive time it took to reach more than 200 potential sites.

The end result for Moreton Hire – a new facility location, reduced transport costs for the business and clients, and minimal impact on staff.

With location data at their fingertips, JLL Australia are now able to stand up their recommendations with results. Read the full story on how they’re placing clients in the best position to succeed.

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