In an effort to attract additional foreign and domestic investment capital, Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA) developed AgInsight South Australia – a website providing investors with valuable insights into the state’s prime commodity investment opportunities.

PIRSA chose to partner with Esri Australia’s Cloud Services to deliver their award-winning application, that integrates information from a range of sources to provide users with a detailed understanding of South Australia’s 52 million hectares of agricultural land.

The decision enabled PIRSA to outsource all platform support and maintenance, freeing up their internal GIS and IT teams to focus on other critical projects. Additionally, as the application is hosted on the Amazon Cloud, the application can automatically scale and perform at optimum levels when accessed by a global audience of fluctuating size. This ensures access to the application is reliable and fast for PIRSA’s broad stakeholder group.

AgInsight South Australia has become a crucial tool for State and Federal Government trade envoys and is giving South Australia the upper hand in the ultra-competitive, international battle to secure financial backing for expansion and innovation in the local agribusiness sector.

View the tool at aginsight.sa.gov.au

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