The mind behind the world’s most advanced 3D interactive mapping technology will this week meet with Perth business leaders to advise how they can reach their smart city goals using revolutionary software.

Head of Esri’s ArcGIS Earth development team, Darron Pustam, has been invited to Australia to meet with industry leaders – across local government, petroleum and infrastructure development – to share how they can use the global mapping giant’s technology to drive economic growth.

Esri’s advanced mapping and analytics software is used by many of the world’s leading organisations – from frontline tracking support with the Department of Defence; to advanced customer analytics with Starbucks; and creating change on a global scale with the United Nations & CIA.

Mr Pustam’s visit comes at an ideal time for the city following the $6M in technology funding recently committed by the Federal Government – in support of Perth’s smart city ambitions.

Unlike other digital mapping services, ArcGIS Earth is developed using military-grade analytics software providing users with one of the most detailed views of a location.

Users can simply drag and drop information, such as public transport routes or road closures onto the map to have insights instantly revealed.

Decision makers then have a clear line of sight on the best path forward – be that understanding the terrain of an environment to make evidence based smarter cities decisions for planning and expansion or providing improved situational awareness for agencies working to ensure public safety.

Mr Pustam elaborated that a local government body hosting a community event could view and model public transport routes relative to a specific location to ensure the successful flow of people to and from the event, and at the same time, police and public safety authorities can view the same information to decide where to station officers relative to crowd numbers on the routes – establishing the fastest exit paths for emergency responses.

“Chicago Police are using ArcGIS Earth to help manage the upcoming Lollapalooza event happening in Grant Park next month expected to draw crowds of over 400,000 people over three days,” he said.

Mr Pustam said in order for the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program to be successful, there must be effective, coordinated partnerships in place with local governments, industry, research organisations and the private sector.

“This is where ArcGIS Earth will be invaluable. The technology platform will enable these groups to collaborate and visualise challenges and opportunities in a highly realistic 3D world.

To find out how you can utilise technologies like ArcGIS Earth to make your city smarter, check out other smart communities.

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