Create a high fidelity view of complex networks

Utilities in Australia are facing a myriad of challenges to maintain assets – increasing demand, aging infrastructure, and the ongoing impacts of unprecedented natural disasters.

In many cases, the pace of change has left network managers facing today’s challenges with yesterday’s technology.

Building and maintaining safe, reliable, and resilient networks requires billions of dollars in assets. To derive maximum value from these assets, networks need a comprehensive overview of data from the entire asset lifecycle – and a lens through which to understand it.

The ArcGIS Utility Network is the go-to industry-specific solution for managing assets over time, enabling utilities to digitally replicate the entire network of assets – with real-world, real-time data.

Download the e-book to learn how ArcGIS can act as a complete system of record, system of engagement and system of insight for electric and gas utilities.

For an in-depth look at how GIS can modernise your asset management system, get in touch with an accredited ArcGIS Utility Network Specialist.

As accredited Esri Utility Network Management Specialists, our team are globally recognised for our industry-leading knowledge and expertise in the utilities sector.

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