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GIS for Insurance and Banking

Location, location, location. It used to be the real estate industry catch-cry, but progressive financial institutions are increasingly realising ‘location’ is critical to remaining competitive in today’s challenging business environment.  
Whether evaluating risk, quantifying customer value or effectively managing your distribution networks, location is the common paradigm that contextualises information – right across your business.
Mapping the geography of your business exposes patterns and relationships otherwise hidden in the information labyrinths of numeric tables and databases.
The visual representation of location translates data into a universal language, for employees at all levels to make informed decisions confidently and in a timely manner.
Location intelligence, enabled by Geographic Information Systems (GIS), is not new to the financial services sector; but mobilising it to drive transformational change across all levels of business definitely is.
GIS and location intelligence empowers the people in your business to get more out of your existing data resources and leads to quicker decision-making, new insights and new ways of thinking.
From GIS for banking to GIS for insurance –  location intelligence can deliver a real difference to your bottom line. Find out more - call us today on 1800 447 111.


Real-time technology to deliver million-dollar savings for insurers

Real-time technology to deliver million-dollar savings for insurers

Australian insurance companies could save millions of dollars by adopting cutting-edge mapping technology to deal with the impact of natural disasters in real time, according to a leading spatial industry expert.

GIS a big deal for Big Data

GIS a big deal for Big Data

Cutting-edge data mapping technology is the lifeline that will save the financial services sector from drowning in the abyss that is Big Data, according to a leading financial specialist.


Flood mapping the silver bullet for insurance crisis

Cutting edge mapping technology used during the Queensland Flood crisis is the key to providing insurance cover to flood-prone Australians.

Click here to view Flood Map.

Geography can provide better banking services

How should banks and financial institutions use geodemographic information to better understand their communities? Join the discussion.

Online financial services access

Clients can view maps of catastrophes and gauge potential risks to their portfolios