Four defining technology tenets of a smart community

At the core of government's mission is a civic responsibility to improve the quality of life of citizens, simplify and enhance their access to social services, and much more.

Smart communities embrace geospatial infrastructure and all the insights that come with it to make data-driven decisions in order to better serve the public.

A geospatial infrastructure is GIS at scale — a combination of content, mapping, analytics and integration that enable holistic solutions to any community's problems.

By leveraging all the fundamental principles of GIS and connecting multiple systems, a geospatial infrastructure serves as a platform for sharing information and brings together data from distributed systems to support a host of applications.

Explore the four defining technology tenets of a smart community and the role of GIS in each of those areas and get insights from smart community pioneers who are tapping into the power of GIS to transform citizens' lives.

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