Connect, contribute and enhance your work with basemaps

The essential ingredient for great maps is high quality data – and with Esri’s Community Basemaps, you have instant access to high quality datasets to build a strong foundation for your mapping projects.

In this webinar, we discuss the three primary ways you can engage with the Esri Community Maps Program, revealing how to provide map feedback, share your data and build data with the Community Maps Editor App.

Join us as the experts from Esri’s Community Basemaps team discuss the methods they use to produce great basemaps and learn how you can contribute.

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Why attend?

  • Find out what the Community Maps Program is all about
  • Learn how to access and start using this key foundational data
  • Discover local examples of datasets currently available
  • See how to register for the Community Maps Contributor App


Seth Sarakaitis profile image
Seth Sarakaitis
Community Maps Program Manager
Esri, USA
Community Maps Program Manager at Esri. Team lead and expert on basemaps as part of ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World.
Simon Jackson
Simon Jackson
Spatial Technology Strategist
Esri Australia, Melbourne
Leading spatial technology strategist

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