Preparing your game plan for GDA2020

GDA2020, Australia’s new official datum, aligns the country’s national coordinates with global satellite positioning systems – enabling smart devices and other positioning technology to accurately locate mapped features.

In January, ICSM/Geoscience Australia released new transformation products that make it simpler to publish GDA2020 based datasets to the web, streamlining the switch between GDA94 and GDA2020.

Join us to explore how the transformation products work and how you can get started using them as part of your ArcGIS workflows.

Webinar recording


  • Take a closer look at the new transformation products between GD2020 and WGS84, and GDA94 and WGS84
  • Explore best practice data migration preparation techniques
  • Understand how the transformations will impact the ArcGIS system
  • How to plan for the new transformations release dates

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