In the lead-up to Australia’s most influential GIS event, Laura Berman reveals the top five presentations, and shares her experience at the Esri UC in San Diego.

Anyone lucky enough to head to the Esri User Conference (UC) in San Diego enjoys a fully immersive experience, with 16,000 of the world’s geospatial people gathered in one place over five days.

Catch any conversation on the streets or in local cafés and you’ll most likely hear someone talking about the latest coordinate systems or bragging about spotting Esri’s visionary founder, Jack Dangermond.

There’s no doubt that attending UC is a must to get the inside scoop on what’s coming in Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. But above all, the best thing about UC is talking to other people who are as passionate about geospatial technology as I am.

It’s inspiring hearing people’s stories and seeing firsthand how geographic thinking is being applied across industries and around the world.

If you couldn’t make it to the UC in San Diego, don’t worry – Ozri 2017, the Australian Esri User Conference, brings you the latest in the world of GIS.

This year, user stories – from Australia and around the world – are at the heart of the program.

There’s so much to see, whether you’re interested in smart cities, emergency response, safe communities, utilities, transport, 3D and much more.

Here are my top 5 top picks in the Ozri 2017 line-up:

  1. Harris Geospatial will join us to discuss the latest advancements in ENVI and showcase how image analysis is being applied across industries from utilities to agribusiness.

  2. Sari Ladin from the City of Los Angeles will showcase how, 18 months after launch, GeoHub has transformed the city’s approach to decision-making with data core to the city’s strategy.

  3. Closer to home Mike Riggall from Brisbane City Council will share the city’s smart approach using SAP, Esri and SmarterWX for both strategic and operational improvements: find out what worked and what’s next.

  4. When Tropical Cyclone Debbie struck Queensland, learn how Matt Piper and Thorsten Hohenstrater used a high-tech approach with ArcGIS to quickly prepare and manage Ergon Energy’s response.

  5. Matt Zenus, Global Vice President, Database & Data Management Digital Platform Solutions Group at SAP will share how organisations around the world are getting more out of their business data.

There are even more local user stories in each city – Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane – including:

  • Greg Payne from DNRM talks about the innovative, transformational Queensland Globe project.

  • Michael Regel shares the real-time decision-making methodology driving Melbourne Water

  • In Melbourne, Pauline Kent will share her journey to transform DELWP to the latest Web GIS.

  • NSW Fire and Rescue moved from pen, paper and a fax machine to a truly mobile approach, and changed workflows and efficiency in the process.

  • Hear how Sydney Trains (with help from our partner Assetic) have developed a strategic approach to asset management – across the entire network.

Okay okay – that wasn’t five – and I could easily list five more!

Check out more information about Ozri here

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