After winning the 2023 Esri Young Scholar award for my green space equality dashboard monitoring four Australian cities, I undertook what became a life-changing internship with Esri Australia.

Mentored by GIS professionals, my experience encompassed not only the capabilities of ArcGIS technology, but also a firsthand perspective of its implementation in real-world scenarios.

The internship offered an abundance of learning opportunities — whether in classroom environments or through hands-on experiences.

Esri Young Scholar Award 2023 winner, Zih-Hong Lin
Esri Young Scholar Award 2023 winner, Zih-Hong Lin

While I was able to access resources to grow my technical knowledge of ArcPy, deep learning, Survey123, and dashboard, I was also better equipped to understand the areas where I needed to learn more.

The best internships are about more than just the technical knowledge — they are opportunities for eye-opening experiences.

I listened and watched as my mentors worked with industry professionals to address challenges in the most innovative ways – pushing the technology to its limits to achieve inspirational goals.

Their guidance and insights have been instrumental to my development as a professional and person — a truly transformative experience with Esri Australia that will shape my growth and continue to influence my future path.

Visit the Esri Young Scholar Award page more information and  to submit an expression of interest.

About the Author

Zin Hong profile image
Zih-Hong Lin
Esri Young Scholar Award Winner 2023
Researcher, University of New South Wales
PhD Candidate and aspiring GIS professional.

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