As ArcGIS Desktop enters mature support from 1 March 2024 — to be retired in 2026 — the ArcGIS named user model is becoming the sole licencing method.

With that, Single Sign-On (SSO) or SAML login has become the next step for seamless university-level access to all ArcGIS apps, including ArcGIS Pro, streamlining access across various applications and systems with a single set of credentials.

Here's an overview of SSO/SAML login and how it works.

What is SSO?

With SAML logins, students, faculty, and staff can access multiple applications within ArcGIS Online — just like you would access Adobe or Microsoft Office — with a single set of credentials.

Benefits of SSO:

SSO makes it easier to track ArcGIS Online usage across campus. Once you are using institutional identities, you’ll be able to connect information between ArcGIS Online and authoritative campus systems.

For example, information can be collected about usage across degrees and programs, users can be identified in ArcGIS Online as student, faculty or staff from other university systems as described here.

Other benefits of SSO are:

  • Easy access with one set of credentials.

  • Simplified user management, reducing the need for additional account logins and manual account management.

  • Automatic access removal for users who are no longer affiliated with the university.

  • Potential for easier tracking of ArcGIS Online usage across campus.

Addressing organisational challenges:

  • Cost Savings: Consider implementing Central Funding for ArcGIS software in combination with SSO adoption to lower your total cost of ownership.

  • Collaboration with IT: Engage with IT teams to implement SSO effectively, ensuring clear communication and follow-up.

  • Technology Issues: Reach out to Esri Technical Support for assistance with any technical issues.

In summary:

For questions about the new logins for universities, please contact us on education@esriaustralia.com.au.

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