The Viewer user type licence enables executive officers, managers, and sales managers to securely view maps and apps built by their teams and shared through an ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise organisation to make informed decisions and monitor performance. To determine if this user type is right for you, try the user type finder tool.

View private maps and apps

Provide managers and executives with secure access to maps and apps created by other ArcGIS users in your organisation. This user type also provides access to a selection of applications and must be purchased with at least one foundational user type

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Included and add-on apps

The Viewer user type can see and interact with the following essential apps created by others in their organisation.

The Viewer user type includes the following office apps:

The following apps can be purchased separately. They must be purchased in addition to the Viewer user type.

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  Viewer Editor Creator
View your team's private maps and apps
Edit existing data and add new data  
Create maps and apps    
Included ArcGIS Online credits 0 250 500

To activate a new user type, make sure you have sufficient credits or request additional credits.

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