The resources below outline how to activate an ArcGIS Online entitlement as part of an ArcGIS Desktop licence. You will need to complete these steps before accessing My Esri.

If you have an ArcGIS Online subscription with a foundational user type and you are the account administrator, please follow the instructions in the email received from Esri Customer Service.

Quick access resources

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Activate your account

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Invite and add members

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Create an effective homepage icon

Create an effective homepage

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Configure your ArcGIS Online website icon

Configure an ArcGIS Online website

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Purchase ArcGIS Online credits icon

Purchase ArcGIS Online credits

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Administrator resources

The resources below provide best-practice guides on how to implement and configure ArcGIS Online to meet your organisation's requirements for mapping, security, authentication, and privacy.

To access them, ensure your maintenance is up to date and you've enabled Esri access on My Esri or ArcGIS Online.

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Administration essentials

Understand common administrative tasks and learn how to configure and maintain your ArcGIS Online.

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Monitoring ArcGIS Online

Learn how to monitor usage and activity on your site using ArcGIS Online's interactive status dashboard.

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Administering members

Discover invitation methods and learn how to administer members, assign user types, roles, and licences.

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Administering content

Learn how to configure item categories and structure groups to make content more discoverable in your organisation.

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Configuring your organisation

Learn about organisation settings including member login policies and default map viewer settings.

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Configuring enterprise logins

Enable your team to sign into ArcGIS Online by configuring organisation-specific logins.

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Implementation guide

Read about the essentials and best practices for setting up your ArcGIS Online organisation.

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Security overview

Explore a general overview of security configuration, compliance, and privacy for ArcGIS Online.

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A practical guide to security

Learn about authentication options and how to use organisation-specific identity providers like SAML or OpenID Connect.

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Secure mobile implementation patterns

Access background, tips, and guidance on implementing a secure enterprise GIS solution with a mobile field component.

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Manage administrative groups

Discover new functionality enabling administrators to manage group memberships and perform key tasks.

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Manage your licences

Learn how to specify which team members can access licensed apps that aren't included in their user type.

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Reporting for administrators

Access administrative reports for insight on items, members, activity, and credits used across the organisation.

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Management reports

Find efficient and effective ways to manage members, content, credits and activities in ArcGIS Online.

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Administration automation

Manage administrative workflows and automate tasks using the ArcGIS API for Python, REST API and History Log.

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Managing credits

Find out how to best manage your credits, how they are used and get tips for maintaining a credit budget.

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Architecting the ArcGIS System

Maximise the value of your ArcGIS implementation to meet your organisational objectives.

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Extend the reach of your GIS

A step-by-step framework for rapidly configuring and implementing ArcGIS Online using best practices.


For assistance with setting up your ArcGIS Online account, get in touch with an Esri Australia technical support specialist.

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