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Our Trainers

Esri Australia’s GIS training courses are facilitated by certified industry experts, who have a reputation as being Australasia’s most highly skilled GIS learning and development professionals.
Our training facilitators are the only Esri Certified Trainers in Australia, a rigorous process that ensures the quality of our GIS training course content and delivery.
Find out more about Esri Australia’s training professionals by reading the profiles listed below.
Adam Ellison Adam Ellison
Office: Canberra

An enthusiastic GIS technician, Adam has a particular interest in desktop GIS technology.
Christopher Brown Christopher Brown
Office: Perth

A passionate GIS professional, Christopher has over 16 years GIS experience in the private and state government sectors.
Christopher Sherwin Christopher Sherwin
Office: Melbourne

Chris is experienced in GIS analysis and spatial modelling and is proficient in using ArcGIS for Desktop and Python scripting language to solve spatial questions.
Daniel Simo Daniel Simo
Office: Brisbane

With over five years' experience as a GIS professional, Daniel is passionate about Remote Sensing and spatial technology.
Ebony Wickramanayake Ebony Wickramanayake
Office: Sydney

An Esri certified Desktop Associate, Ebony has worked across environmental, transportation and infrastructure sectors in Australia and New Zealand.
Erik Sandin Erik Sandin
Office: Canberra

Recently joining Esri Australia from the U.S., Erik has a keen interest in the application of GIS for natural resources.
Gordon Sumerling Gordon Sumerling
Office: Adelaide

A well-respected spatial industry presenter and commentator, Gordon is considered a true veteran of the Australian GIS industry.
Greg Briggs Greg Briggs
Office: Brisbane

One of Australia's most knowledgeable geodatabase specialists, Greg has worked at Esri Australia for over 14 years.
Ivan Ermoshkin Ivan Ermoshkin
Office: Brisbane

Ivan is an experienced GIS expert and software trainer, specialising in ArcGIS for Desktop and geospatial imagery.
John Hasthorpe John Hasthorpe
Office: Melbourne

Specialising in ArcGIS Server, ArcObjects and ArcGIS Desktop, John is an Esri Certified Desktop Associate.
Josh Venman Josh Venman
Office: Sydney

Josh has a wide range of GIS expertise, specialising in Esri web and developer technologies.
Kai Hübner Kai Hübner
Office: Brisbane

A passionate GIS professional, Kai is well regarded for his expertise across the ArcGIS platform and numerous development environments.
Kath Sund Kath Sund
Office: Melbourne

Kath is one of Esri Australia's most passionate and popular GIS trainers.
Kerry Hogan Kerry Hogan
Office: Canberra

As an Esri Australia desktop specialist, Kerry can often be found travelling the country teaching best practice training courses for ArcGIS Desktop and cartography.
Kym Jackway Kym Jackway
Office: Adelaide

Kym has over ten years' experience as a GIS specialist and is well-versed in developing spatial solutions for oil, gas and water management.
Pia King Pia King
Office: Brisbane

Pia is one of Esri Australia’s newest trainers with experience in in ArcGIS Online, Business Analyst Online, Business Analyst Extension and Network Analyst.
Rhys Donoghue Rhys Donoghue
Office: Brisbane

Specialising in web and database development, Rhys has over a decade of GIS experience in land surveying, rail, electricity, water and drainage.
Richard Stokes Richard Stokes
Office: Melbourne

With over six years' experience as an environmental consultant, Richard is well-versed in a wide variety of spatial techniques, GIS practices and map production methods.
Ronnie Steyn Ronnie Steyn
Office: Melbourne

With over 13 year's spatial industry experience, Ronnie's technical specialities include ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Desktop and Dekho.
Seth Gorrie Seth Gorrie
Office: Melbourne

Seth is an enthusiastic trainer with experience in GIS analysis, Web GIS and remote sensing across the energy, retail and environmental sectors.
Simon Jackson Simon Jackson
Office: Melbourne

Simon has nearly 10 years' experience in the geospatial industry, and as Esri Australia's Product Specialist he has extensive knowledge of ArcGIS for Server and Dekho.
Tanya Fleay Tanya Fleay
Office: Perth

Tanya has a genuine passion for GIS technology and is committed to helping others realise its potential.
Tariro Muzangaza Tariro Muzangaza
Office: Brisbane

As one Esri Australia's youngest GIS specialists, Ta is experienced in GIS and remote sensing, urban and environmental planning and commerce.
Will Booth Will Booth
Office: Brisbane

With over 13 years spatial experience, Will's areas of speciality include ArcGIS Server and Dekho.