SmarterWXThe cloud-based scheduling tool for public works management.

Smarter. Faster. More efficient public works.

SmarterWX puts the power of collaboration into the hands of public works project managers, enabling coordination of resources in a way that delivers maximum value to the communities they serve.

A smarter way to plan capital works

A smarter way to plan capital works

Get started with a best-practice approach to public works management and put the convenience of the community at the forefront.

Public works collaboration with online support

Public works collaboration with online support

Access online information to help you setup your SmarterWX account and upload data to the collaboration platform.


Save time and minimise public frustration

Reduce the inconvenience typically experienced by the community for public works projects. Coordinate the schedules of multiple plans to avoid the unnecessary cost of repeating jobs such as maintenance and remediation.

Leverage location intelligence to collaborate more effectively 

Traverse the barriers between field team silos with a single point of reference for public works projects. SmarterWX leverages a scalable cloud platform to host data and support multi-location collaboration.

Improve operational awareness among teams

Coordinate activities between organisations, more easily share budgeted resources, and gain a clearer oversight on community events. Share plans with other project managers via an intuitive messenger function.

Access public works data in real-time

Respond to issues more quickly across multiple sites with mobile access to real-time field data. Share proposed capital works programs with an easy data upload to the SmartWX cloud. Receive automatic alerts for schedule conflicts.

Increase ROI for your community stakeholders

Avoid unnecessary project waste and duplication of effort by coordinating projects across departments. Deliver on stakeholder expectations by reducing inconvenience and restoring public access to infrastructure faster than ever before.

SmarterWX is brought to you by Esri Australia’s Innovation Lab.

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