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ArcGIS technology sets the benchmark for GIS technology.  Since its development by Esri in 1999, it has been the unrivalled, world-leading GIS platform, evolving into a complete system for designing and managing solutions through the application of geographic knowledge.
ArcGIS continues to grow – setting new world-standards for GIS deployment – and is now available across desktop, mobile and server platforms. 
Each day, ArcGIS helps hundreds of thousands of organisations around the world with:
  • Planning and analysis;
  • Asset and data management;
  • Situational awareness;
  • Field force management; and
  • Customer service.
Esri has delivered further innovation through the creation of ArcGIS Online, which leverages cloud computing to make GIS available – free of charge – to every household, student, community group and business throughout the world.
Find out more about how you can generate valuable location intelligence with ArcGIS – contact us today on 1800 447 111.


Energex's GIS business solution identified $500M worth of unregistered assets, returning an additional $21M in revenue annually.