Critical security patch for Portal for ArcGIS

Esri has identified a critical security vulnerability in the Portal for ArcGIS component of ArcGIS Enterprise. All versions prior to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 (10.5 - 10.7.1) on both Windows and Linux are impacted by this security issue. ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 already includes a fix for this issue and does not require a patch.

Customers running ArcGIS Enterprise in AWS are specifically impacted and should upgrade at their earliest convenience. Customers running in other cloud environments may be impacted depending on the specific of the cloud provider.

It is strongly recommended to install the relevant patch at your earliest possible opportunity. For further assistance, book a consultation with a specialist below. 

Get the patch

For assistance with security patches, please contact us on 1800 870 750 or submit a support request.

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