Take advantage of your Web GIS set up and extend your GIS reach.

Empower your organisation to make full use of Web GIS capabilities and learn how to optimise efficiencies in this final instalment of the Web GIS webinar series.

Now that set up for ArcGIS Online is complete, explore the comprehensive, end-to-end workflows and available guidelines on how to build and share your spatially enabled web resources.

Join us as we share best practices examples across innovative applications to transform and share your data and hear how other members of the GIS community are successfully harnessing Web GIS.

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Why attend?

  • Learn how organisations build and share web apps, maps and apps with anyone, anywhere
  • Explore a range of interactive mapping applications and intuitive tools
  • Listen to Web GIS case studies and success stories
  • Discover how to share maps and layers with the GIS community via the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the world

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