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    A new series exploring the geography of crime

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The route of all evil

Criminal profiler Mike King and award-winning journalist Tory Shepherd discuss how exploring the macabre crimes of the infamous Truck Stop Killer is helping solve other cold cases.

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Tory Shepherd and Mike King

The Flinders Highway mystery

Track 48 years of crime along the Flinders Highway – and learn how geographic analysis may shed new light on the mystery.

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Flinders Highway mystery

Building safer communities

Investigate the innovative technologies law enforcers are using to reduce, predict and solve crimes.

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Building safer communities

Mapping COVID-19

From lockdown to vaccine – explore the real-time tools helping authorities map a path forward.

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COVID maps

Fighting fires with technology

Meet Chief Kim Zagaris – a world-leading fire management expert who’s using technology to change the way emergency services authorities respond to crises.

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Chief Kim Zagaris

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