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Non-Technical Books

  • Botanical Serigraphs
    The Gene Bauer Collection
    All together for the first time, the hand-printed serigraphs of artist Gene Bauer are reproduced here in Botanical Serigraphs: The Gene Bauer Collection, along with her original notes. Over several years in the 1970s, on behalf of California Garden Clubs, Inc., Gene Bauer explored fifty-six arboreta and public gardens throughout the state of California, taking living plant material as the subject for artwork intended to educate and inspire. These serigraphs?delicate silk screen prints?were initially created for limited-edition booklets celebrating plant life in the Golden State, both native and introduced. From each drawing, she created a serigraph for the cover and illustrations of a booklet she handcrafted, bound with yarn, and sent to garden club officials each month.
  • Children Map the World
    This vibrant collection of children's work from the Barbara Petchenik Children?s World Map Competition presents a retrospective selection of 100 maps submitted over the first decade of the competition. Children Map the World includes award-winning entries, runners-up, and additional maps that reflect core values in surprisingly subtle and complex expressions. The messages embedded in these maps and the vulnerability of these children?s creations make them not only accessible but inspirational.
  • Children Map the World, Volume 2
    Selections from the Barbara Petchenik Children?s World Map Competiton
    Children Map the World, Volume 2, showcases one hundred favorite world map drawings submitted to the Barbara Petchenik Children's World Map Competition 2005-2007. The map competition, sponsored by The International Cartographic Association, was created as a memorial to Barbara Petchenik, a cartographer who studied how children comprehend maps. The vibrant collection of maps in this volume presents varying perspectives on the theme "Many Nations-One World" from young artists, ranging in age from four to fifteen and representing 37 countries. Cartographers, geographers, educators, and children will take interest in the colorful maps presented in this book.
  • Faithfully and Liberally Sustained
    Philanthropy in Redlands
    Redlands, known as the jewel of Southern California?s Inland Empire, has prospered as the result of a strong tradition of civic responsibility. Faithfully and Liberally Sustained presents this rich tradition through stunning historical photographs, engaging narrative, and compelling commentary from citizens who continue to serve the community. Redlands archivists Larry E. Burgess and Nathan D. Gonzales vividly recount the stories behind the cultural, educational, and charitable gifts that make Redlands a testament to the continuing spirit of philanthropy. As Redlands philanthropist Clarence White warned, "No town can live by taxes alone." Through tales of endless commitments of time, heart, and will, Faithfully and Liberally Sustained celebrates all that makes Redlands "a good place to live."
  • Palms to Peaks
    The Art of Janet Edwards
    Palms to Peaks: The Art of Janet Edwards is a collection of more than 60 full-colour works that trace the development of artist Janet Edwards over a career spanning nearly half a century. Edwards, a lifelong resident of California, is a regional realist whose etchings capture the history and natural beauty of the state. Through this collection, Edwards pays homage not only to the stunning vistas, palms, groves, flora, and fauna that have become icons of Southern California life, but also to the coastal, central, and northern regions of the state.
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