Tobias Schubert

Tobias Schubert

Senior Consultant, Government Solutions
– Esri Australia, Canberra

Tobias is a Senior Consultant in the Government Solutions team at Esri Australia and he has been using the ArcGIS Platform for working with 3D data. Toby is skilled in the manipulation of 3D datasets and, since acquiring his MSc in Remote Sensing and GIS, has worked with International, State and Federal clients to deliver 3D services. He has been involved in a variety of fascinating projects that use 3D skills, from modelling mosquito habitats in Gambia to simulating space junk.

Webinar 3D: A how-to guide

3D: A how-to guide

Presenter: Tobias Schubert

Move from 2D mapping to the world of 3D. Explore new developments including enhanced 3D tools allowing for more visualisation and deeper analysis in three dimensions.

Event ForestTECH17


Data collection and management, remote sensing, mobile communications and GIS for forestry management.