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GIS for Mining and Resources

Across Australia and around the globe, Esri GIS technology is equipping miners to see their world with a clearer view.
From exploration and asset management, to environmental impact and community engagement programs, GIS is transforming mine operations – driving efficiency and profits. 
Performing advanced analysis and visualisation of environmental and geologic data can be done easily and quickly using ArcGIS.  ArcGIS integrates multiple applications to produce a world-class customisable solution for subsurface investigation and analysis.
To learn more about GIS for mining – and how ArcGIS is empowering miners to see more and do more – call us today on 1800 447 111. 

Managing a world-class pipeline

BP Azerbaijan GIS projectBP Azerbaijan uses GIS to model their pipeline and monitor any proposed changes.

Australian miners unearth new business intelligence strategies

The growth of Australia’s mining sector could reach new heights if it were to follow the lead of some of the world’s most progressive resource companies and adopt an uninhibited view of current GIS.