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Esri Australia Speaker Profiles

At Esri Australia we’re proud to say that our staff are the best and brightest in the local GIS industry.  
Every person in our team is a highly skilled and accredited professional.  Among our staff are specialists from all walks of life, including; business analysts, environmental scientists, surveyors, cartographers and software developers.
While we share a diverse range of industry experience and technical strengths, we all share a passion for what we do.
Alexandra Geer Alexandra Geer
Senior Consultant – Industry Solutions - Brisbane

Alex has more than a decade of experience as a Spatial Analyst and has delivered innovative GIS-based solutions for projects in the environment, water resources, infrastructure and mining sectors.

Anthony O’Flaherty Anthony O’Flaherty
Senior Consultant - Darwin

With a GIS career spanning 14 years, Anthony has been involved in a range of GIS projects and training developments.

Christopher Brown Christopher Brown
Industry Solutions Senior Consultant - Perth

Christopher is an experienced trainer who has worked with and supported clients in the implementation of Geodatabase, Server and Mobile and is passionate about the spatial technology.

Damien Cassin Damien Cassin
Business Development Manager - Brisbane

GIS Specialist in Health - Brisbane Damien is one of Esri Australia's leading GIS specialists in Health with more than 20 years' experience in ICT and Health industries.

Daniel Haipola Daniel Haipola
Principal Consultant – Utilities - Canberra

Daniel is one of Esri Australia's leading utilities experts, with more than 17 years experience delivering solutions in the utilities, engineering and science arenas.

Doug van Gelder Doug van Gelder
Manager, Business Development, Queensland - Brisbane

As the head of Esri Australia's Queensland division, Doug can Gelder is passionate about helping clients leverage greater business value from their data by utilising GIS technology.

Dr Dipak Paudyal Dr Dipak Paudyal
Principal Consultant for Remote Sensing and Imagery - Brisbane

With a career in the spatial sector that spans more than three continents and 20 years, Dr Dipak Paudyal is arguably the most experienced and trusted geospatial imagery consultant in the country.

Ebony Wickramanayake Ebony Wickramanayake
Senior Consultant - Sydney

With a background as a GIS specialist in the civil engineering industry, Ebony has a particular interest in the application of GIS in environmental planning.

Erik Sandin Erik Sandin
Senior Consultant, Professional Services - Canberra

With a GIS career spanning 11 years, Erik's technical specialities include ArcGIS Server and Python.

Francisco Urbina Francisco Urbina
National Manager for Alliances - Sydney

A self-professed geo-geek, Francisco has a reputation as one of the nation's leading BI and GIS integration specialists.

Gary Johnson Gary Johnson
Manager, Industry Solutions - Melbourne

Gary specialises in applying GIS to business strategies and using location as a key business driver in Finance.

Gordon Sumerling Gordon Sumerling
Senior Consultant (Imagery) - Adelaide

With a career dating back to the early 90â??s Gordon is one of our organisationâ??s most experienced geospatial imagery consultants.

Ivan Ermoshkin Ivan Ermoshkin
Senior Consultant - Brisbane

Ivan is an experienced GIS expert and software trainer, specialising in ArcGIS for Desktop and geospatial imagery.

John Hasthorpe John Hasthorpe
Senior Consultant - Melbourne

John has in-depth knowledge of the Esri product range, and is an expert in the development of custom GIS tools. He has a background in environmental consultancy and has worked on a range of projects for clients in the water resources sector.

Josh Venman Josh Venman
Solution Architect - Sydney

Josh has a wide range of GIS expertise, specialising in Esri web and developer technologies.

Kai Hübner Kai Hübner
Senior Consultant, Professional Services - Brisbane

A passionate GIS professional, Kai is well regarded for his expertise across the ArcGIS platform and numerous development environments.

Karl Warschau Karl Warschau
Principal Consultant - Brisbane

With a career spanning more than 23 years in the spatial industry, Karl specialises in Enterprise GIS and Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs).

Kate Levy Kate Levy
Senior Consultant – National Security - Canberra

Kate has built a reputation as a trusted source of GIS expertise during her eight years working in the National Security domain.

Kath Sund Kath Sund
National Training Manager - Melbourne

Kath is one of Esri Australia's most passionate and popular GIS trainers.

Kellie Persson Kellie Persson
Senior Pre-sales Consultant and Pre-sales Manager - Sydney

Kellie has a finely tuned appreciation of spatial science and GIS technology, and is a highly regarded authority on the complete ArcGIS system.

Kym Jackway Kym Jackway
Consultant, Professional Services - Adelaide

Kym has over 10 years' experience as a GIS specialist and is well-versed in developing spatial solutions for oil, gas and water management.

Laura Berman Laura Berman
Partner Manager - Sydney

Laura has worked for Esri Australia for more than eight years, and has established herself as a key spatial industry contributor.

Len Olyott Len Olyott
Senior Consultant, Professional Services - Brisbane Office

With almost two decades of GIS experience, Len has a particular passion for seeing GIS applied to any industry or issue.

Lisa Dykes Lisa Dykes
Manager – Business Development, Victoria and Tasmania - Melbourne

Lisa has a strong spatial background encompassing GIS and remote sensing, including the supply of aerial photography, LiDAR and satellite imagery datasets.

Nathaniel Meyer Nathaniel Meyer
Support/Trainer - Sydney

Nathaniel is a passionate trainer with a wealth of knowledge and experience in applying GIS to both commercial and public sector applications.

Richard Stokes Richard Stokes
Senior Consultant - Melbourne

With over eight years' experience as a GIS consultant, Richard is well-versed in a wide variety of spatial techniques, analysis workflows and map production methods.

Seth Gorrie Seth Gorrie
Consultant - Melbourne

Seth is an enthusiastic trainer with experience in GIS analysis, Web GIS and remote sensing across the energy, retail and environmental sectors.

Shahdin Shams Shahdin Shams
Senior Consultant, Professional Services - Sydney

An experienced GIS solution architect and developer, Shahdin has a particular interest in cloud computing and collaboration technologies.

Simon Jackson Simon Jackson
Product Specialist - Melbourne

Simon has over 10 years' experience in the geospatial industry and has an extensive knowledge of the ArcGIS for Server and Geoevent Processor technologies.

Tanya Fleay Tanya Fleay
Consultant - Professional Services - Perth

Tanya has a genuine passion for GIS technology and is committed to helping others realise its potential.

Tom Gardner Tom Gardner
Manager, Business Development - WA - Perth

Tom has a strong technical and business understanding of the value and benefits of using location to improve the outcomes of organisations. He has a particular interest in seeing GIS play a part in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of both public and private businesses.

Vince McClarty Vince McClarty
Chief Technology Strategist - Brisbane

With more than 20 years' experience in IT, Vince has a passion for GIS and the use of best practice IT standards to ensure GIS is adopted in the mainstream consumer market.

Walter Simonazzi Walter Simonazzi
Senior Consultant - Melbourne

With a 13 spatial career spanning Europe and Australia, Walter Simonazzi is a specialist across numerous technical areas, including Enterprise Geodatabases, ArcGIS Server, and Open Source Software for GIS.

Wayne Lee Archer Wayne Lee Archer
Senior Consultant, Professional Services - Canberra

Drawing on 18 years in the technology sector, Wayne specialises in solutions for the utilities sector and is renowned as one of the nation's leading information curators.

Willy Lynch Willy Lynch
Mining Industry GIS Solutions Practise Lead - Esri

As Esri's Mining GIS Solutions Practise Lead, Willy is a professional geologist and has more than 25 years' experience of worldwide GIS and geotechnical project experience.