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Training FAQs

Training and education is an integral part of a successful GIS implementation and enables you to maximise the return on your software investment. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding GIS training at Esri Australia. For further information on Esri Australia GIS training courses, contact us


Where do I start?

If you're new to GIS, start with ArcGIS Desktop I: Getting Started with GIS.  If you're new to ArcGIS, start with ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools and Functionality

I have completed Introduction to ArcGIS I - which course do I do next?


I have completed a training course - where do I go from here? 

Visit our website and discover all the options in our Esri Australia Training Path

If my colleagues all want to do the same course - can we have a course on-site? 

Yes. Contact us for information about our on-site training course options.

I can't see the course that I want in my state, where do I find it?

Complete our Register Interest Form to let us know what course you want to participate in. If we have enough interest we will run a course in your state.

Can we have customised training for our staff?

Yes. Please contact us for information about our on-site training course options.

Can I use my own data in the exercises?

Pre-organised course data is matched to the exercises. You are welcome to bring your own data and use this once you have completed your exercises. 

Where will the Scheduled Training Courses be held?

All of our scheduled course are run at a local Clifton's Training Facility.  Learn more about our training facilities.

What different types of training courses do you run? 

Esri Australia has many training products and courses available, including: scheduled courses; onsite training; knowledge transfer; virtual campus training; and, Learning and Services Credits. Learn more. 

What happens if I need to reschedule or cancel a course? 

As per our terms and conditions: if you are unable to attend a course, a substitute participant may attend in your place at no extra charge. Please provide written notification.  If you reschedule your training course date (in writing) at least ten working days prior to your original booking, no penalties will apply.  If you reschedule your training course (in writing) less than ten working days prior to your original booking, a processing fee of $110 (incl. GST) applies, except within 48 hours or two working days of the course start date whereby the full price of course attendance will be charged. Please view our terms and conditions for futher information.

I have been using another GIS Vendor's software for a while, what course would you suggest, to get me started with ArcGIS? 

One of the most challenging elements when transitioning to a new software product is gaining a solid understanding of the terminology. ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools and Functionality provides a good introduction to the terminology used in ArcGIS. Talk to us about our specialised courses to help transition you from another GIS platform.

Does the course fee vary if I attend the course in a different state?

Course fees are the same if you attend the same course across the country, however you will need to arrange your own travel and accommodation.

Do I need to bring anything to Esri Australia training courses?

All material is provided at the training course

Which software version is the course based on?

In most cases, the most current software release will always be used on the courses. The most recent software release is ArcGIS 10

Can I get the Training materials early?

All training materials will be provided at the start of the course.

I want to publish a map to the web, which course should I take?

Introduction to ArcGIS Server, Creating Effective Web Applications using ArcGIS Server and Creating and Publishing Maps using ArcGIS   would all be  suitable.

We are planning to convert our data to Geodatabases, which courses should I do? 

Start with Building Geodatabases to get a basic understanding of the geodatabase format and its functionality. This could be followed with Introduction to the Multi-user Geodatabase.