Real-time monitoring for an effective gas distribution network

Providing you with the ability to share operational data throughout your organisation in real-time, advanced location-based analytics technology is the centralised information platform you need to maximise your gas distribution network.

Fully customisable and able to be integrated with legacy systems, the software – commonly known as Geographic Information System (GIS) technology – strengthens a myriad of downstream business functions, including fleet management, accounting, health and safety, and environmental duty of care.

Enable collaboration between departments, identify patterns and trends, resolve issues, and work with greater confidence.

By clearly visualising your assets, operations and opportunities, you will be able to make smarter business decisions that will help you grow in today’s competitive gas utilities market.

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Technology ensuring the safety of thousands
Case Study

Technology ensuring the safety of thousands

QGC’s world-first location and safety monitoring solution has empowered the company with greater situational awareness relating to staff behaviour and security risks.

Using the ArcGIS platform to improve efficiencies

The solution that makes your staff even more valuable

A location-based analytics platform allows your company to do more with your existing resources. View this user case study from South Carolina’s Fort Hill Natural Gas Authority to find out how.