Kim Valentine

Kim Valentine

Geospatial Information Officer
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

In her current role as Geospatial Information Officer, Kim is responsible for overseeing the execution of the NOAA GIS Committee's annual operating plans and priority geospatial activities.

During her 18 years at NOAA, Kim has led key projects including managing enterprise geospatial software licensing contracts, overseeing the internal GIS helpdesk, as well as coordinating GIS outreach activities. She is currently leading the development and implementation of the NOAA Data Strategy, that support advancements of NOAA’s products and services.

Kim serves as a National Ocean Service representative to NOAA's Environmental Data Management Committee, which ensures mission critical environmental and geospatial data are managed effectively and follow key federal data management policies.

Kim's qualifications include a Bachelor of Science in Geology and a Master of Education in Mathematics and Science Education.

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