Josh Venman

Principal Enterprise Architect
Esri Australia, Sydney

Josh is an industry-veteran, having witnessed the transformational role GIS plays in a myriad of sectors over his long career working with location intelligence technology. Driven by the extraordinary capabilities of GIS, Josh spends his time understanding the human and technical obstacles clients may face along their transformational journeys and working closely with them to break down these barriers - tailoring a GIS platform to their individual needs. 

Josh brings hands-on experience specialising in GIS enterprise architecture with Esri web and developer technologies to support organisations, networks and platforms better connect to improve business outcomes.

Working across the progression from GIS as a domain through to modern Web GIS, Josh has built a reputation as one of the country's leading GIS consultants - and a highly-regarded authority in best-practice methods for GIS deployment.

Josh shares his expertise as a regular host on Australia's premier spatial industry podcast, GIS Directions.

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